Curated Hiphop Playlists featuring Indianapolis Hiphop in ALL the Flavors of Hiphop you love.  These playlist are curated by several different contributors by style and mood.

These playlists are a great STARTING POINT to find great music from some of the many hiphop artists in Central Indiana and is made possible by a grant from the Create Indy Fund of the City of Indianapolis

CHREECE Playlist.jpg

CHREECE - The Official Chreece hiphop festival playlist that features 52 hiphop/R&B artists on this year's Chreece festival.


OMM OTG - This playlist has a little bit of everything but a lot of the street and trap sound. If you listen to Kevin Gates, Boosie, or Young Dolph you'll be guaranteed to like some of these tracks.

Curated by Naptown Nicey

Mixtape Series.jpg

MIXTAPE SERIES - This is a playlist is an wild mix of clashing hiphop styles that somehow makes sense for the adventurous.

A Nap Joint.jpg

THE SPITTAS - A NAP JOINT - This playlist is consistent on having some of the hardest hitting lyricists whether they're on spittin on a new age beat or an oldschool beat... They have bars.

Ghost Town.jpg

GHOST TOWN - This playlist has a distinctly modern R&Bish and Popish vibe with a Hiphop flair. The artists on this playlist clearly control a vibe and set a mood like none other.

317 Hip-Hop.jpg

NEW AGE 317 Hip-Hop - This playlist for the hiphop vibe fans that aren't quite expecting R&B but expect rap with soulful inflection that they can vibe to.

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